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The ChilFlow System


ChilFlow is a flexible and easily manageable data transfer system for smart rooms.

Since data capture is computationally intensive, the processes implementing the perceptual components often run on different workstations. Moreover, processing steps of some of the perceptual components could be parallelized or pipelineized and distributed over several workstations. This approach gives additional performance headroom for more precise computations in perceptual components. As a result, the accuracy of various perceptual components can be improved significantly.

The large number of sensors deployed in a smart room, the large amount of data they are producing, and the complex network of perceptual components put a very high burden on the underlying data transfer system. Unfortunately, none of the already existing data transfer systems could fulfill the high requirements of the CHIL project in terms of flexibility and reliability.


To match these requirements, ChilFlow will offer the following features:

  • ability to add/remove hosts to/from the running system
  • support for multiple simultaneous users
  • object oriented client API
  • type safety for data flows
  • additional non-blocking and/or timeouting API functions
  • NIST Smart Flow System compatible adapter to facilitate deployment at CHIL partners already using the Smart Flow System
  • support for multi-channel audio flows
  • support for sub-regions in video flows
  • special data flow with dynamic sized buffers
  • synchronization of data flows
  • balancing CPU and network load and latency