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Karlsruhe Empirical Informatics Research Group

We are a group of computer scientists at the University of Karlsruhe believing that Informatics (or Computer Science), because of methodological problems or misconduct, falls short of what it could achieve. To prove this impression, we conducted a literature survey in 1994 and found, for instance, that as much as 40 percent of the journal contributions that would require experimental evaluation contained none whatsoever and that computer science journals were worse in this respect than two journals from other fields we used for comparison (Optical Engineering, Neural Computation).

Our work is driven by several goals:

  1. We want to contribute to a solid methodological basis for empirical software engineering and other parts of empirical Informatics, in particular with respect to controlled experiments and benchmarking-type studies.
  2. We aim to test unvalidated hypotheses that are used in may areas of software engineering (sometimes outspoken, sometimes implicit).
  3. We try to build explanatory or predictive models that identify, quantify and relate the influence factors that underly software engineering phenomena.
    These models will sometimes indicate specific areas for improvement and hence give impulses towards the developments of better methods or tools. We will then also investigate these.
  4. We are also interested in performing solid empirical evaluations of the performance and usefulness of tools or software systems (from all areas of Informatics) that originated from outside the core empirical research group.


Prof. Tichy, Walter F.
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter
Dr. Padberg, Frank
Prof. Philippsen, Michael
Prof. Prechelt, Lutz
Dr. Höfer, Andreas
Dr. Malpohl, Guido
Dr. Müller, Matthias
Dr. Unger, Barbara

Publikationen zum Projekt

2008 - Konferenzartikel
Höfer, Video Analysis of Pair Programming

2007 - Zeitschriftenartikel
Müller, Höfer, The Effect of Experience on the Test-Driven Development Process
2007 - Konferenzartikel
Höfer, Tichy, Status of Empirical Research in Software Engineering
2007 - Vortrag
Müller, Höfer, Einfluss der Programmiererfahrung auf den Prozess der testgetriebenen Entwicklung

2005 - Zeitschriftenartikel
Müller, Two controlled experiments concerning the comparison of pair programming to peer review
2005 - Konferenzartikel
Müller, A Preliminary Study on the Impact of a Pair Design Phase on Pair Programming and Solo Programming
Müller, Padberg, Tichy, Ist XP etwas für mich? Empirische Studien zur Einschätzung von XP

2004 - Zeitschriftenartikel
Marek Vokác, Walter Tichy, Dag Sjoberg, Erik Arisholm, Magne Aldrin, A Controlled Experiment Comparing the Maintainability of Programs with and without Design Patterns—A Replication in a Real Programming Environment
Müller, Are Reviews an Alternative to Pair Programming?
2004 - Konferenzartikel
Müller, Padberg, An Empirical Study about the Feelgood Factor in Pair Programming
M. Müller, J. Link, R. Sand, G. Malpohl, Extreme Programming in Curriculum: Experiences from Academia and Industry
Müller, Padberg, On the Impact of Warmup Phases on the Economics of Pair Programming

2003 - Zeitschriftenartikel
Tichy, Philippsen, Unger, Prechelt, A Controlled Experiment on Inheritance Depth as a Cost Factor for Code Maintenance
2003 - Konferenzartikel
Müller, Padberg, About the Return on Investment of Test-driven Development
Padberg, Müller, Analyzing the Cost and Benefit of Pair Programming
Müller, Padberg, On the Economic Evaluation of XP Projects.
2003 - Vortrag
Padberg, On the Economic Evaluation of XP Projects

2002 - Zeitschriftenartikel
M. Müller, O. Hagner, Experiment about test-first programming
Tichy, Philippsen, Unger, Prechelt, Two Controlled Experiments Assessing the Usefulness of Design Pattern Documentation in Program Maintenance
2002 - Konferenzartikel
Müller, Padberg, Extreme Programming from an Engineering Economics Viewpoint.
Matthias Müller, Rainer Typke, Oliver Hagner, Two controlled Experiments concerning the Usefulness of Assertions as a Means for Programming
2002 - Technischer Bericht
Matthias Müller, Rainer Typke, Oliver Hagner, A detailed Description of two controlled Experiments concerning the Usefulness of Assertions as a Means for Programming

2001 - Zeitschriftenartikel
Lutz Prechelt, Barbara Unger, Walter F. Tichy, Peter Brössler, Lawrence G. Votta, A Controlled Experiment in Maintenance Comparing Design Patterns to Simpler Solutions
Prechelt, Accelerating Learning from Experience: Avoiding Defects Faster
Unger, Prechelt, An Experiment Measuring the Effects of Personal Software Process (PSP) Training
2001 - Konferenzartikel
Müller, Tichy, Case Study: Extreme Programming in a University Environment

2000 - Zeitschriftenartikel
Prechelt, An empirical comparison of C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, Rexx, and Tcl
2000 - Konferenzartikel
Tichy, Unger, Do Design Patterns Improve Communication? An Experiment with Pair Design

1999 - Technischer Bericht
Unger, Prechelt, A controlled experiment on the effects of PSP training: Detailed description and evaluation
Unger, Prechelt, How does individual variability influence schedule risk? A small simulation with experiment data

1998 - Zeitschriftenartikel
Tichy, Prechelt, A Controlled Experiment to Assess the Benefits of Procedure Argument Type Checking
Tichy, Should Computer Scientists Experiment More? 16 Reasons to Avoid Experimentation
1998 - Technischer Bericht
Unger, Prechelt, The impact of inheritance depth on maintenance tasks – Detailed description and evaluation of two experiment replications

1997 - Technischer Bericht
Prechelt, An Experiment on the Usefulness of Design Patterns: Detailed Description and Evaluation
Douglas C. Schmidt, Lutz Prechelt, Barbara Unger, Replication of the First Controlled Experiment on the Usefulness of Design Patterns: Detailed Description and Evaluation

1996 - Technischer Bericht
Tichy, Prechelt, A Controlled Experiment Measuring the Effect of Procedure Argument Type Checking on Programmer Productivity

1995 - Zeitschriftenartikel
Tichy, Heinz, Lukowicz, Prechelt, Experimental Evaluation in Computer Science: A Quantitative Study

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