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Mathias Landhäußer, Sven J. Körner, Walter F. Tichy, Synchronizing Domain Models with Natural Language Specifications, Proc of the Workshop on Realizing Artificial Intelligence Synergies in Software Engineering (RAISE'2012), Jun 2012.


Textual specifications and domain models change during development and need to be kept consistent. However, in practice the cost of maintaining consistency is too high. Stakeholders need to be informed about model changes in natural language, software architects need to see the impact of specification changes on their models. Our Requirements Engineering Feedback System (REFS) automates the process of keeping specification and models consistent when the models change. Also, it can assess the impact of specification changes.

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Institutsinterne Autoren

Prof. Tichy, Walter F.
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter
Körner, Sven J.
Landhäußer, Mathias

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